Normandie, France

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Normandie, France

00 33 (0)6 73 79 70 75

Equibreed farm


This stud farm is run by the Piedboeuf family. Jean and Christine – who have been passionate riders for nearly 40 years – had long been looking for a suitable site to house their own foals in Belgium.
We breed sport horses, and today’s competitions require horses with substantial resources. Each foal must follow a programme of care adapted to their development: exercise on steady ground for their growth (horses walk a lot out in the open) and healthy, balanced food (hence the importance of the pasture’s quality). Our search led us to Normandy, the cradle where champions in all disciplines are bred. Thanks to the nearby sea, the countryside of Normandy is particularly suitable. The grass is rich in micro-nutrients, and the mild, humid climate enables almost year-round grazing on favourable soil. We emphasise a relationship of trust between man and horse, and this farm was our favourite, with its meadows surrounding the stables and the main building. We live amongst our horses.

“If you work with your horse with the idea that they are happy, you become less selfish and more generous.” — Nuno Oliveira



“With our experience and our high standards, we want to ensure that you receive high-quality services.”

Limited number of horses at the site

In order to guarantee high-quality work, we wish to welcome only about thirty horses.

Fully enclosed natural pastures

43 hectares of fields adjoining the buildings, protective hedges without chemical products.

Professional equestrian site

We have 18 boxes and 8 large stables located in separate, protected buildings, as well as a covered 15×30-m riding arena.