Normandie, France

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Normandie, France

00 33 (0)6 73 79 70 75

From weaning to breaking-in

in Normandy

Treat your foals to the breeding ground in Normandy!

Located in Normandy, we welcome your horses on an unsegmented 43-hectare site. We are specialists in foals aged from six months to four years, and we breed them with passion and rigour.


Foal Boarding:

We offer accommodation for foals from weaning to breaking-in

Breeding Boarding

We welcome your mares who are pregnant or with foal at foot and provide gynaecological monitoring for them.

Preparation for Breeding Competitions and Selling

At our site, we prepare foals to present themselves and jump out in the open.

Why Choose Us?

Choice of the region:

choose the one with the best stud farms in Normandy

Respect for the horse

You rely on professionals within a small family structure

Adapted and secure structure:

foals are housed in a perfectly adapted and secure structure

Where Are We?

Settled in Normandy since 2020

We have been based in Normandy since 2020, in Saint-Marcouf, in the heart of the breeding cradle of Normandy, near Utah beach. Our fields, which are fully enclosed and protected by the famous hedges of the Norman countryside, are the ideal place for your horses.


Proximity to the sea

Proximity to the sea

the proximity to the sea offers great opportunities that our customers can take advantage of

Our Philosophy


Quality Food

We offer your foals beautiful natural meadows bordered by protective hedges. The nearby sea gives us a soil rich in trace elements, which we manage without chemical fertilisers, in rotational grazing with cattle. We produce our own hay on the land. By being properly bred, foals’ physical qualities will be enhanced. Indeed, the current sporting conditions require horses to have substantial resources, and they should not suffer from deficiencies while growing.


Rigour, Respect and Well-Being

We always strive to work with respect for horses and with their well-being at heart from the moment they are born. We care for your foal as if they were our own.



Our stud farm consists of large grasslands (43 ha) spread around the buildings. We do not transport horses unnecessarily, and they are constantly supervised. We group them into herds by affinity, age and sex. We shelter them in winter depending on weather conditions.

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